Insights dashboard
  • 17 Dec 2023
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Insights dashboard

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Article Summary

The Insights dashboard tracks how much time is saved with Torq and monitors key workflow statistics. Set Torq's TimeBack benchmark for each published workflow and the total time saved across all workflows is calculated. The compiled metrics allow you to track different workflow analytics, quantify the results of your efforts, and monitor any runs that may require attention.

The TimeBack calculation considers only successful executions of published workflows, including the execution durations of any nested workflows.

What workflow metrics does the Insights dashboard display?

The Insights dashboard compiles data based on your reported TimeBack benchmarks as well as executed runs and published workflows. You can see your most used workflows, your total published workflows, total runs, and individual workflow.

  • Breakdown displays the top five most time-saving workflows and shows the progression of their use.


  • Workflow runs displays the number of runs or the average run time using a daily breakdown.


  • Most used workflows shows the most frequently used workflows. The success rate, displayed in a percentage upon hovering over the workflow, is calculated by runs that finish without errors.


How is the TimeBack benchmark set?

Your Insights dashboard gathers data from your TimeBack benchmark and displays these statistics. Adjust the TimeBack benchmark to reflect the time the process would take to manually complete the use case by dragging the slider. To help you out, Torq provides a default time that reflects the typical time it would take for that workflow.

💡TimeBack TIP
You can calculate the time the process would take by referencing past experiences or considering each step you have included - and the time wasted due to moving between applications and systems, human-in-the-loop, and fielding various subtasks that can pop up during a routine or irregular process.

Dashboard review 

During your initial dashboard configuration, you can assign the TimeBack benchmarks from the Review button on the Insights dashboard. The workflows requiring a benchmark will be easily accessible.


Publish workflow

When you publish a workflow you can update the default TimeBack benchmark or keep it as is.


Workflow manager

You can change the TimeBack benchmark from within the main workflow viewer without having to enter each individual workflow by clicking on settings and adjusting the benchmark accordingly.


What if I do not update the TimeBack benchmark? 

If the TimeBack benchmark is not adjusted before publishing, it will save the default time as that workflow's benchmark.

What if I do not want the workflow included in the statistics? 

If the workflow does not save time or you do not want the run information included in the dashboard, you can check the box at the bottom of the TimeBack menu, and it will be excluded from the dashboard calculations. 

🗒️ Note
Dashboard adjustments are not retroactive. 

How do I filter the metrics on my dashboard? 

Select up to 5 tags from the tags dropdown menu (which is defaulted to All Tags) in order to display the metrics of the correspondingly tagged workflows. If you check more than one tag, the information in the graphs will be distinguished by assigned colors, which can be toggled or hovered over to isolate or combine statistics.

Tag filtering will allow you to see how, for example, effectively Phishing Prevention workflows are running, or Scheduled versus Triggered workflows compare in their run frequency. Share, send, and save links to your dashboard after filtering for tags and time, and the URI will reflect your changes.


How often is the dashboard updated?

TimeBack, tags, and other statistics are reflected in the dashboards 24 hours after any changes.

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