• 23 May 2023
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Workflows are the logic you build to automate your security posture or upkeep practices and actions, for example, employee onboarding or compliance. A workflow consists of a trigger and a series of steps that accomplish an automation use case. Workflows can be as long and complex or simple and everything in between. Scheduled, triggered on demand, or triggered upon specific parameters from a vendor or other integration or webhook. 

Workflow statuses

The workflow status represents the status of the current or most recent workflow run. To view workflow statuses, go to the Activity Log page.

wf-success-iconThe workflow execution was completed successfully.
wf-failed-iconA step failed, causing the workflow to fail. Hover over the information icon to see the name of the step that failed. View the run log to get more information about the failed step.
wf-running-iconThe workflow is currently running.
wf-stopped-iconThe workflow was manually stopped.
wf-onhold-iconThere are a few reasons a workflow might be on hold:
  • The workflow is waiting due to a Wait operator executing.
  • The parent workflow is on hold while a nested workflow is executing.
  • The workflow is waiting for user input (for example, a response from a question step or form).
wf-queued-iconThe maximum number of concurrent workflow runs (workflows in Running status) was reached. The queued workflow will be executed 
wf-dropped-iconA workflow that was queued for 24 hours will be dropped.

Workflow states

Workflow creation is an iterative process, which we call the workflow lifecycle. It includes planning, designing, building, testing, publishing, and editing.

A unique feature of Torq's workflow lifecycle is that you can actively edit a workflow while the published version runs in production. 

State nameUIDescription
UnpublishedWorkflow draft. In this state, you can make changes to the workflow, steps, perform test runs, and more.
Published and trigger enabledView-only. The workflow runs in production automatically when the trigger conditions are met.
Published and trigger disabledView-only. The workflow is in production but will not run automatically because the trigger is disabled. You can run the workflow manually.
Published and draft existsThe workflow runs in production automatically when the trigger conditions are met and there is an active draft that you can edit.

Nested workflows

Nested workflows are a good way to perform a common action or set of actions that you want to use in multiple workflows. This is helpful when workflows that achieve different purposes require the same logic at stages. Nested workflows also allow for easy content reuse, so you only need to maintain and update a single workflow for multiple goals. If you're ready to start, learn how to create a nested workflow.

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