• 08 May 2023
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Wiz is a cloud security company that provides a platform for identifying and addressing security risks in cloud environments.

To create Wiz integrations in Torq you need some of the following permissions in Wiz:

  • Project Admin
  • Global Contributor
  • Global Admin

Create a Wiz trigger in Torq

  1. Go to Integrations > Steps > Wiz
  2. Click Add.
  3. Give the integration a unique and meaningful name.
  4. Under Authentication headers:
    1. Click Generate random secret. Copy the secret that you generated; you will need it later. 
    2. Name the header Authorization. Generate random secret for trigger integration
  5. Click Add.
  6. From the integration table, copy the URL of the integration you created.

Create a Torq integration in Wiz

  1. In Wiz go to Settings > Integrations > Add new integration.Wiz add new integration for torq security automation
  2. Search for Torq in the search bar.Searching for Torq in wiz integrations
  3. Give the integration a unique and meaningful name.
  4. Select the scope you want the integration to have. 
  5. Paste the URL from Torq you created earlier.Paste the URL from Torq trigger integration in the Wiz integration
  6. Under Parameters > Authentication, select Token authentication and paste the secret you created in step 4 of the Torq trigger creation. Paste the token generated by Torq into Wiz integration
  7. Click Add Integration to save the integration in Wiz. 

Create an Automation Action to send issues to Torq

  1. In Wiz, go to the Settings > Response and Automation > Actions page, then click Add Action.
  2. Give the new Action a unique and meaningful name.
  3. From the Action drop-down, select Integrate with Torq.
  4. Set the scope of the new Action to either:
    1. All projects
    2. A selected project
    3. (Optional) Restrict the new Action to only Global Contributor and Global Admins
  5. (Optional) Restrict the Action to users with the Global Contributor and Global Admin roles.
  6. For the URL, paste the URL you made in Torq.
  7. You can modify the fields in the body request based on the workflow you want to build with Torq. See the list of supported template variables.
  8. Click Add Action.

Create an Automation Rule

Automation Rules trigger Automation Actions. After you've added the Action to send Issues to Torq, you must create a Rule that triggers it. See the page on Automation Rules.

Create a service account

To interact with the Wiz API from Torq workflows, you must create a service account, which will allow you to create the required API token, Client ID, and Client Secret. You'll need these when you create the Wiz steps integration in Torq.

For more information, see the Wiz API documentation.

Create a Wiz steps integration

  1. Go to Integrations > Steps > Wiz.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Type a meaningful name for the integration.
  4. Enter the values for the following fields. You copied and saved these earlier.
    1. Wiz Client ID
    2. Wiz Client Secret
    3. Wiz Region
  5. Click Add.


Premade steps

  • Add note to issue
  • Create inventory report
  • Create issues report
  • Create session
  • Create vulnerabilities 
  • Get issue information 
  • List issues
  • List vulnerability findings
  • Run GraphQL query
  • Set issue status

Available templates

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