What is Torq?
  • 02 Aug 2023
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What is Torq?

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Article Summary

Torq is a software-as-a-service platform that serves as the automation and orchestration engine for your security and operational processes. Torq workflows enable you to reduce alert fatigue, improve incident response time, and automate your current manual & repetitive processes. For a guide on Torq's unique terminology, check out our glossary

This introduction showcases what no-code automation is, how it works, and how organizations are using Torq to automate their security posture. We use the common case of investigating suspicious user activity to highlight Torq's automation prowess.

The Torq platform is built with a workflow-first architecture. The components enable you to easily create, test, and manage your automation workflows. We maximize flexibility, data comprehension, threat prevention, and integration. Our documentation offers more in-depth explanations, but find short definitions of Torq's best selling points below, and read on for more information.  

20Vendor Integration

  • Torq offers built-in integration with a wide variety of vendors specializing in all different sectors of the security industry - CSPM, EDR, SIEM, and more threat intel, security updates, and even HR or other personnel and efficiency vendors. The vendor integrations are consistently updated and more vendors are added frequently. We offer documentation for 50+ vendors and are always working on adding more. Currently, some vendor documentation includes a detailed explanation of API access and trigger & step creation, whereas other documentation is under review. 


  • Webhooks, utilities, and customizable steps all allow for complete flexibility and integration with any vendors that do not already have pre-made triggers or steps. This flexibility extends also to data manipulation and step parameters - all customizable when you switch a step to HTTP mode. Data manipulation is also made easier via our utilities, including array, extraction, output, encoding, string, time, and other utilities. 


Torq's workflows are alternatively customizable and curated, allowing you to create your own specialized workflows depending on your use case or utilize some of Torq's unique pre-built templates. Workflows are run by Triggers - either on-demand, scheduled, IMAP, or from a third-party alert. The workflows are built out of Steps, conditions, and utilities which are arranged on the Designer and executed in a business-logical order to accomplish your goal. A step will always begin with a verb that describes the action being taken on the data, or through third-party software. Like our template library, the steps library is a searchable repository of all available steps, sorted by vendor name.

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