• 31 Jan 2023
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Use the TheHive integration to manage cases and create alerts in Torq workflows.

Get an API key from TheHive

  1. Log into your Hive account.
  2. Go to My profile > API info.
  3. Copy the generated API key.

Create a Hive steps integration in Torq

  1. In Torq, go to Integrations > Steps > TheHive.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Give your integration a unique and relevant name.
  4. Enter your Hive API Key.

Use The Hive steps in Torq

List all cases

  1. Enter the URL for your Hive environment.
  2. The step will return a list of all your cases, which will most likely be used as an input parameter for subsequent steps, such as Get a case or Update a case.

Delete a case

  1. In the Case ID field, enter {{$.list_all_cases.api_object.X._id}}
  2. Enter your Hive URL.
  3. The specific case will be deleted.

Search cases

  1. Enter your Hive URL.
  2. Click on Manage Parameters.
  3. Add and fill out the parameters that are important to your search, such as:
    1. Search Description: Returns cases with this description (must be an exact match).
    2. Search Severity: Returns cases with this severity level.
    3. Search Tags: Returns cases with these tags.

Create an alert

  1. The following are required for this step:
    1. Alert Desc: Enter a description for the alert.
    2. Alert Source: Enter where the alert will be coming from.
    3. Alert Source Ref: A unique value identifying the source.
    4. Alert Type: What type of event this alert functions for.
  2. Additionally, you can give the alert a title.
  3. Enter your Hive URL.

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