• 01 Feb 2023
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Article Summary

The integration enables you to trigger workflows using LimaCharlie data streams.

  • event
  • detect
  • audit
  • deployment
  • artifact

Create a LimaCharlie trigger integration in Torq

  1. Go to the  Integrations page, locate the LimaCharlie card, and click Add.
  2. Enter a meaningful name for the integration and click Add.
  3. Copy the Webhook URL that is generated. You'll need this URL when you set up a webhook in your LimaCharlie tenant.

A GIF showing how to create a LimaCharlie integration in Torq.

Define a data stream to trigger Torq workflows

When you set up a webhook in LimaCharlie, you'll define several parameters.

  • dest_host : the Torq Webhook URL that was generated when you created the integration in Torq.
  • secret_key : an arbitrary shared secret used to compute an HMAC (SHA256) signature of the webhook to verify authenticity. See "Webhook Details" section.
  • auth_header_name and auth_header_value: set a specific value to a specific HTTP header name in the outgoing webhooks.
secret_key: this-is-my-secret-shared-key
auth_header_name: x-my-special-auth
auth_header_value: 4756345846583498

To learn how to set up a webhook, see the LimaCharlie documentation.

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