• 08 Dec 2022
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Article Summary

Lacework is a CNAPP that secures, prioritizes, and monitors activity in your cloud.  

More detailed documentation is on its way. In the meantime,  see the available steps and templates below. 

Available steps

These are the premade steps for Lacework. Don't see the step you need? No problem, you can easily create custom steps

  • Create policy
  • Create query
  • Create session
  • Create team member
  • Delete policy
  • Delete query
  • Delete team member
  • Get audit logs
  • Get cloud activities 
  • Get event details
  • Get policy details
  • Get query details
  • Get team member details
  • List alert profiles
  • List events
  • List policies
  • List queries 
  • List team members
  • Search audit logs
  • Search cloud activities 
  • Search team members
  • Update policy
  • Update query
  • Update team member
  • Validate query

Available templates

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