• 11 Jan 2023
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Article Summary

Interactive bots are popular tools used in communication tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc. These bots are very useful tools either for executing internal utilities that make work of security teams more efficient or for delivering self-service experiences to organizational processes that would otherwise require interruptions.

A large part of security work consists of repetitive, manual tasks. Creating interactive bots that collect input and perform these actions allows security teams to reduce the level of noise and effort needed to keep systems and users protected.


  • Automating repeated work keeps security teams focused on active threats or delivering stronger protection.
  • Allows end users to execute common tasks such as requesting access or onboarding new devices ensures that security moves at the speed of the business and reduces the load from security teams.
  • Packages commonly daily tasks, such as automating security investigations like file and URL checks, into interactive bots in Slack, Teams, or other systems.

Screenshot of a template that showcases several Slack capabilities.


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