Content digest 7.2.23
  • 07 Feb 2023
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Content digest 7.2.23

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Article summary

We’ve added the following new integration, steps, improvements, and templates:

New integration

  • Pangea

New steps

  • Utils
  • Drata
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Google Drive
  • Hatching Triage
  • Okta
  • Orca
  • Sourcegraph
  • Torq
  • WhatsApp


  • Screenshot Utils
  • Scripting
  • Slack

New templates

New integration

Added the following integration.


A new Pangea steps integration is now available on the Integrations page.

Use the integration to get the reputation of different indicators and to search embargo lists.
Pangea new steps integration

New steps

Added the following new steps.


A new utility step is now available:

Step nameDescription
Resolve DNSResolves a given DNS and returns its canonical name, IPs, MX records, NS records, TXT records, and SRV records.

Utils new step


9new steps are now available as part of the Drata integration.

Step nameDescription
Get Monitor by Test IDReturns the details of the monitor with the given test ID.
Get Personnel by IDReturns information about the personnel record with the given user ID.
List ControlsReturns a list of controls.
List MonitorsReturns a list of monitors.
List WorkspacesReturns a list of workspaces in your account.
Upload Background Check for UserUploads a background check URL for the given user.
Upload Control EvidenceUploads external evidence to map to the given control.
Upload Device EvidenceUploads the device evidence for the given device.
Upload User EvidenceUploads evidence for the given user.

Drata new steps


2 new steps are now available as part of the GitHub integration.

Step nameDescription
Create BlobCreates a GitHub blob used to store the content of a file in a repository.
Get BlobReturns information about the specified blob.

GitHub new steps


5 new steps are now available as part of the GitLab integration.

Step nameDescription
Create IssueCreates a new issue in the given project.
Delete IssueDeletes the specified issue.
Edit IssueUpdates the specified issue.
List IssuesReturns all the issues the authenticated user has access to.
List UsersReturns the full list of users in the given project.

GitLab new steps

Google Drive

7 new steps are now available as part of the Google Drive integration.

Step nameDescription
Create Standard LabelCreates a new standard type label.
Delete LabelPermanently deletes a label and its related metadata on Drive items.
Disable LabelDisables the given published label.
Enable LabelEnables the given disabled label and restores it to its published state.
Get LabelReturns information about the label with the given resource name.
List LabelsReturns the list of labels.
Publish LabelPublishes all draft changes made to the given label.

Google Drive new steps

Hatching Triage

A new step isnow available as part of the Hatching Triage integration.

Step nameDescription
Get Sample OverviewReturns a complete overview of the given sample and its analysis tasks.

Hatching Triage new step


2 new steps are now available as part of the Okta integration.

Step nameDescription
List DevicesReturns a list of all non-deleted devices in your organization.
Set User Password as ExpiredSets the status of the given user to PASSWORD_EXPIRED so that they are required to change their password at their next login.

Okta new steps


2 new steps are now available as part of the Orca integration.

Step nameDescription
Create Remediation ActionCreate a remediation external service action for the given alerts.
List Remediation ActionsReturns a list of supported remediation actions of the given action.

Orca new steps


2new steps are now available as part of the Sourcegraph integration.

Step nameDescription
Run GraphQL QueryRuns a GraphQL query in Sourcegraph.
Run GraphQL Query using SUDO TokenRuns a GraphQL query in Sourcegraph using SUDO privileges.

Sourcegraph new steps


4new steps are now available as part of the Torq integration.

Step nameDescription
Invite a new userInvites a new user into the account.
List rolesReturns a list of all roles that can be assigned to users in the account.
List workflowsReturns a list of all workflows on the account.
Remove a tagDetaches the specified tag from the specified workflow.

Torq new_steps


A new step isnow available as part of the WhatsApp integration.

Step nameDescription
Send Image MessageSends a WhatsApp media message with the specified image.

WhatsApp new step


We made the following improvements.

Screenshot Utils

The option to return the response as a file was added to the Execution Options of the Screenshot URL step. More information about working with files is available in our documentation.

Screenshot URL return response as a file


We updated the Run an inline PowerShell script step to use the latest version of the Exchange Online PowerShell module.

Updated the version of the Exchange Online PowerShell module


The block_id field is now automatically added to the blocks by the Send Block Form step. This will make it easier to extract the information you need from the step output.
The blocks will be numbered by their order unless a different name is specified by manually adding the block_id field.

Send Block Form automatic block_id

New templates

Added the following templates to the template library.

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